The Comet's Tail - Current Work

What exists inside the comet's tail? Dust and gas from the comet? Or a universe in itself?

In this series of works I want to explore the area around the canvas.
Can we consider the accidental drops of paint out of the canvas as non – painting, as non-pictorial matter?
Normally the action of painting is focused on the specific surface where the paint matter is applied. By setting different objects, and materials around the periphery of the canvas and then let them catch the paint that drops and splashes, I want to expose the qualities of the unpredictable by shifting the attention of the eye from the center to the borders of the canvas and beyond.

mixed media on different formats

Evasion - Homesession Barcelona - March 2010 

The intervention in different spaces and places conveys for me a re-activation of the memory.
As a recurrent mark, every time I start a project, textures and images appear from the surfaces I'm working on. These recurrent marks remind me of landscapes that I have already experienced. Is it a topographical fixation or perhaps a predestination?
What we think will last forever, might stop some day... and new lines, reflections and layers will emerge, blurring the path. With my work at 'homesession art residency', I want to challenge the determined by implementing simple actions on simple materials....

Atelier Works - Winter 2009

How can I escape from my immediate surrounding, my personal field, the shelter of my shadow...?

The action of setting myself in the middle of a long sheet of paper, tearing the paper with my fingers at a reachable distance from my body and finally taking away the cut out surface, produces as evidence a void on the paper.

This sheet of paper is a physical materiality of my personal area. 
Then through different media (stencil, painting, drawing) I do isolate it as an image. This image becomes enclosed again by the format of the canvas or detached from any previous reference when it is set up vertically on a white wall.

To me, the isolation of the paper when shifting it from horizontal ground to vertical wall, can bring about new images and places...

black spray paint on silk paper, different formats, maximum perimeter 60 cm


black spray paint, linseed oil, glossy varnish on silk paper, different formats, maximum perimeter 110 cm



black and white spray paint on canvas 120 x 120 cm


white spray paint, coloured pencils and glossy varnish on canvas 120 x 120 cm


black spray paint, black ink and acrylic paint on canvas 120 x 120 cm  


black spray paint, black ink, synthetic resine, acrylic paint on canvas 120 x 120 cm

mixed media on canvas 120 x 120 cm

Work in progress - January 2010
Rumpled paper and black spray paint on wood, 2010

'Spilled', cardboard, wood pencil, 2010